Ralph, Walter, and Afton Bezanson mentioned in "Beverly Boat Builder May Be Drowned", Boston Evening Transcript, 14 August 1902, page 5

Beverly Boat Builder May Be Drowned

Since yesterday afternoon nothing has been seen of Ralph Bezanson, a member of the firm of Bezanson Brothers, boat builders at Beverly, and it is supposed that he met his death by the capsizing of his twenty-two-foot knockabout Gem, off the Little Haste, Salem Harbor. Early Wednesday morning Ralph and his brother Walter sailed to the cove where Walter had some work on a small boat belonging to Dudley L. Pickman of the summer colony. While Walter was ashore Ralph stayed on the yacht. After dinner Walter completed the work and went down to the beach, but could see no sign of the yacht, so went home, supposing his brother had sailed back. Last evening he became alarmed over a message received from the Salem police to the effect that two Salem fishermen, who came ashore at Salem Willows, reported that they had seen a small sloop capsize off the Little Haste. A party was organized last evening, but [could?] do nothing owing to the darkness. This morning the Salem police, with Walter and his brother Afton, went to the place where the yacht was seen last. They found some pieces of furniture floating around, but no other clews [sic], as the water is quite deep at this point. Ralph Bezanson was a skilful sailor, but was carrying a full spread of sail, and it is supposed that a squall struck the yacht and capsized her before he could prevent it.

The Boston Evening Transcript, Thursday, Aug 14, 1902, page 5