I copied the will below from Cathy Di Pietro's Lunenburg, Nova Scotia Will Extracts site. Jean Jacques Jacob Bezanson's genealogical record is on this site as well as a separate biography.

1804. Will of John James Bezanson, of Chester, #106,
Dated 20 May 1800.  Probated 9 March 1804 at Lun. pg. 203, by John
Creighton, Judge of Probate; Executors Anthony Vaughan and
Peter Corkum, wit. Anthony Vaughan, John Prescott and
Joseph Dimock.
After discharging my Just Debts and Funeral Expenses, I Give and Bequeath to my loving wife, Anna Mary, the Use of 1/3 of all my Real Estate, with all the privileges and appurances thereto belonging while she lives and likewise the Free Use of the House and Lot on which I now live, with the Use of the Meadow up at Still Water, while she Lives and Remains my Widow, and if she marries a man that can agree with my children and they with him, he shall with her share, in all the above demised priviledges: but if they cannot agree together, he shall leave the house, but the improvement of 1/3 of my real estate shall be her dowry while she lives. After my youngest child is of age, the lot on which I now live may be let to either of my sons, with whom she choose to live, but still she shall have the government of the place.
I Give and Bequeath unto my well beloved son, Joseph, all the land or lands I have possessd of on Oak Island in this Township, likewise an Equal Share with each of his brothers hereafter named, in the 500 acre Lot I, Draughed ? in this Township to him and his heirs and assigns forever, likewise what he stands indebted to me, he shall be discharged of at my death.
I give and bequeath to my well beloved sons, Alexander, John George, Gideon, John, John Casper, John William, Peter and Benjamin, to each of them an Equal Share of all the Estate, Real and Personal, I Stand possessed of not other ways disposed of in this my Last Will and Testament, to them, their Heirs and Assigns forever. Yet it is my will that they keep together with their mother and sisters and peacefully submit to the ruler of the family and to exert themselves jointly in paying my lawful debts till they are paid, and if any one of them shall refuse to comply with those conditions, he shall have no share of my estate until my youngest child is of age.
Not withstanding, if any one of them shall choose to marry and settle himself before my debts are paid, they shall choose what place they will, of my land on the Main, except the place on which I now live, and there by the judgement of my Executors shall have their portion set off to them, but still to assist in discharging my debts, but if any of those settled shall refuse to assist in paying my debts they shall loose all the profits of the Mill and Stream on which it stands.
If they two ? First of them, that shall settle, shall choose the place I bought of John Pennals, if is thought by my Executors, to be more than their Portion of my Estate then shall they pay the value of the overplush ? to him or them that is deficient.
It is likewise My Will that the Meadow up at Stillwater shall be Equally Divided among my eight sons, last mentioned, after their Mother hath done with it, according to this My Last Will and Testament.
I Give and Bequeath unto my well beloved daughters, Ann Mary and Barbara, all the land I possessed on the Gooseberry Island, to be delivered to them when they marry or are of age on the same conditions as my sons last mentioned, to them, their heirs and assigns forever, but if they leave my family and refuse to assist in paying my debts then they are not to receive any of my estate till my youngest child is of age, or if after they have their portions set off to them, they refuse to assist in the same they shall lose all the profits arising from the Mill. But if they shall carry it well toward their mother and submit to my wishes as here expressed, they shall have each of them a cow and a bed after my debts are paid or when they shall get married, but if the land on the Gooseberry Island shall be thought by my executors to be worth more than 100 currency the over plush shall be paid to my sons last mentioned.
It is my will those of my children that have not got education, shall have as good given, as those that are grown up.
I likewise Constitute, Make and Ordain Mr. Anthony Vaughan and Mr Peter Corkum of this Town, to be the Executors of this My Last Will and Testament and Do Hereby Disallow, Revoke, and Disannul, all and every Former Will and Legacy Testament Bequests and Executors by me in any way wise named, Willed or Bequeathed heretofore ratifying and confirming this to be my Last Will and Testament, in Witness whereof I have Set My Hand and Seal hereunto this 20 th. day of May in the Year of Our Lord, One Thousand Eight Hundred.
John J. Bezanson, made his mark.