Note: Copied from Catherine Di Pietro's Lunenburg, Nova Scotia Will Extracts.

Will of Henry Boutilier

1870. Will of Henry Boutilier,  Dated 2 Sept. 1869, Probated 
5 Jan. 1870, Lunenburg Co., Vol. # 4+5, page 368. Will Books. This is
the last Will and Testament of me Henry Boutilier of Bayswater in the
County of Lunenburg and Province of Nova Scotia, Yoeman, being of sound
mind and memory and knowing that it is appointed unto man once to die.

   I, the said Henry Boutilier Do make and ordain this my last will and
testament in manner and form following: namely, Unto my beloved wife
Isabel I give all and every my property of whatsoever kind for her use
and maintenance during her natural life particularly the house and all 
its contents in which I now lived to be subject to her unreserverly and
it is my Will that on her decease and not before the following portion
of this my will shall take effect Subject to her rights.

   I give devise and bequeath to my son James Archibald the land and
premises he now occupies at Aspotogan Cove and every part therof and 
also the right to put sheep on Gravelly Island.

   To my son Peter I give all the land and premises at South West Cove
now in his occupation and also all land and privileges from Joseph
Cleveland's line to Clam Point provide nevertheless that my three sons
and their heirs namely Henry, Albert and Isaac have reserved a right to
fish at South West as heretofore and to have with Peter use and liberty
of fish shack, salt shore and the big shore and to my said son Peter I
give the fourth part of the lots at South West Point which I have and 
own there, and to my said son Peter, I give a fourth part of Gravelly 

   And also to my sons, Henry, Albert and Isaac, I give and bequeath
to each of them respectively share and share alike the reserve right to
fish at South West together with the use and liberty of the fish stage
there, salt shore and big shore; to each one a quarter of the lots 
owned by me at South West Point for his own use and disposal. To each,
Henry, Albert and Isaac, I also give a quarter of Gravelly Island
subject however to the right of James Archibald to put sheep upon the
said Island. And also to my three sons Henry, Albert and Isaac each one
a third part of the home farm consisting of several lots of land, and
also all woodlands connected herewith or belonging if ?? and also all
houses and buildings thereupon or upon any part of said home farm and
to each one a third part of all my movables, farming implements utensils
of every description and all cattle and sheep together with the horse
and wagon share and share alike among my three sons Henry, Albert and
Isaac to each of whom I also give and bequeath a third part of the land
at Aspotogan Cove lately occupied by Philip Awalt. 
   And also to my three sons Henry, Albert and Isaac, I give and 
Bequeath ?? of them a third of my schooner named James Henry and
all to her belonging and to each of them third part of all my ?oies,
nets, boats and fishing gear of all description together wirth all 
puncheons share and share alike.

   To my son James David Boutilier and to my daughter Margaret 
Cunningham, I now bequeath nothing as they have already had their 
share. And for the same reason I now bequeath nothing to my daughter
Joanna McLean.

   Provided always that my executors pay or cause to be paid out of 
my estate as soon as may be convenient after my decease to my daughter
Isabella Umlaw the sum of one hundred and seventy dollars, also to my
daughter Mary Conrad one hundred and seventy dollars and to my daughter
Angelina one hundred and twenty dollars and when they are of age to my
grandaughter Alice Boutilier Sixty dollars and to my granddaughter 
Isabel Umlah Sixty dollars and to her brother Henry Umlah Twenty 
dollars. And I bequeath to my daughter Angeline one cow and two sheep 
and a bed and to my grandaughter Alice Boutilier also one cow and two

   And it is my will that twenty dollars be paid to the Rev. Richard
Payne or other Church Ministers who may succeed him to purchase a Set
of Communion Plates for All Saints Church, Bayswater.

   And I do appoint my sons James, Archibald and Henry to be executors
of this my last will and testament hereby requiring them to pay all my
just debts and funeral and testament expenses. And I do hereby revoke
and disallowel all other wills and testaments by me at any other time
made hereby confirming this to be my last Will and Testament. In 
witness whereof I have herewith set my hand and seal the second day 
of September One thousand eight hundred eight hundred and sixty nine.

   Signed sealed published pronounced and declared by the said Henry
Boutilier as his last Will and testament.

             Henry Boutilier.
   in the Presence of us who at his requeast in his presence 
   and in the presence of each other have here unto subscribed
   our names a witnesses.  John Archibald, James Allaway Boutilier,
   Richard Payne.

Executor Oath. Filed January 5 th. 1870.
Probate granted 5 January 1870, John Meisner, Bayswater, said that
he was one of the subscribing witnesses to the annexed Will of 
Henry Boutilier, Bayswater, now deceased, duly executed the same in
the presence of deponent and Isaac Allaway Boutilier and Richard Payne,
they being then all present with Testor at the same time, and that 
deponent and said James Alloway Boutilier and Richard Payne did also
attest and subscribe the same Will as wirtnesses thereto, in the 
presence of Testar and of each other. That said Testator was of sound
mind and disposing mind, memory and understanding. 
             George Holman, Judge of Probate.

Petition Re Estate of Henry Boutilier, deceased, Filed January 5th,1870.
To the Worshipful George Holman Esquire, Judge of Her Majesty's Court
for the Probate of Wills and for granting Letter of Administration
within and through the County of Lunenburg.  The Petition of 
James A. Boutilier and Henry Boutilier, of Bayswater in the County of
Lunenburg, yoeman. Respectfully Sheweth that they are named and appointed
executor of the last will and testament of Henry Boutilier late of
Bayswater in the County of Lunenburg aforesaid yoeman deceased testate,
who died seized and possesseth of goods and Estate in said County hereby
it appertain to them to administer said estate according to said will,
Whereupon the said James A. Boutilier and Henry Boutilier executors as
aforesaid, herewith present the same to your Honor to be proved and
recorded as the law directs and hereby accordings by proof that the
administration of the said Estate may be granted and committed to them.
Dated the 5 th. day of January 1870. 
             James A. Boutilier and Henry Boutilier signed their names.

Inventory of Henry BOUTILIER

From Lunenburg County Will Papers 1868-1871, LDS film # D558683,
No Index, no pagination. Court of Probate, Lunenburg.

   In the Estate of Henry Boutilier late of Bayswater in the Township
of Chester and County of Lunenburg yoeman deceased James Albert 
Boutilier and Henry Boutilier of Bayswater in the Township and County
aforesaid yoemaen, executore of the last Will and Testament of the 
said Henry Boutilier deceased make Oath and say that the paper writing
hereunto mentioned, contain the true last Will and Testament of the 
said Henry Boutilier deceased as despont ? know or believe and that 
they will truly perform the same, by paying first the Testator's debts,
and then the legacies therein contained as far as the goods chattel
and credit of said deceased will extend and the law charge, and that 
they will make a full inventory of thr Real and Personal estate of
deceased, and exhibit the same unto the Registry of said Court, within
three months from this date, and render a just and true account thereof
when required.

   Sworn to at Lunenburg the 5 th. day of January A.D. 1870 before me.
George Holman, Judge of Probate. signed by James A. Boutilier and Henry

   The Inventory and Appeasements of the Estate of Henry Boutilier of
Bayswater in the County of Lunenburg, Yoeman, deceased, taken this day
of February 23 A.D. 1870.

   Estate at Bayswater                               $2000.00
   Estate at Aspotagan                               $1000.00
   Estate at South West                              $ 700.00
   White Point                                       $  40.00
   Porters place                                     $  50.00
   Gravely Island                                    $  45.00
   1 pair of Oxen                                    $  40.00
   3 Steers   @ $11.00                               $  33.00
   5 Cows  @ $8.00                                   $  40.00
   5 Calves  @ $2.00                                 $  10.00
   1 Colt                                            $  28.00
   17 Sheep  @ $1.00                                 $  17.00
   1 Cleaning Mill                                   $   2.00
   1 Horse Wagon                                     $   8.50
   1 Ox Wagon                                        $   8.00
   1 Harrow                                          $   1.50
   1 Pitch Fork                                      $   0.20
   1 Pitch Fork                                      $   0.25
   1 Ox Cart                                         $   6.00
   3 Sleighs    @.50                                 $   1.50
   1 Plough                                          $   2.00
   4 Pigs      @1.00                                 $   4.00
   1 Plough                                          $   0.90
   10 Hoes     $ .10                                 $   1.00
   1 Crow Bar                                        $   0.25
   3 Sythes and Handles     @.20                     $   0.60
   6 Reap Hooks                                      $   0.12
   1 pair of Stilgards?                              $   0.50
   2 Hauling weges?                                  $   0.25
   3 Fox Traps                                       $   0.60
   1       @.20 + 3 irons @.05                       $   0.35
   1 Lead Mould.40 + 1 pr of weighing scales @.25,   $   0.45
   5 Paint Brushes    @ .05                          $   0.25
   9 Fish Knives @.20 + 2 Axes @.20                  $   1.45
   2 Draw Knives + 3 Hand Saws @.20                  $   1.00
   6 Augers @.20 + 1 Daubing Ax @.10                 $   1.30
   1 Cooper Plane @.20 + 3 Carpenter Planes @ .10    $   0.50
   1 Square @.10 + 1 Cross Cut Saw @.50              $   0.60
   4 Manure Forks @.20 + 1 Craut Knife @60           $   1.40
   4 Chisels @ .07 + a Sledge Hammer @.05            $   0.35
   1 Hammer @.10 + 1 Pair of Pincers @ .10           $   0.20
   1 Swivel @1.00 + 2 Wood Dogs @.10                 $   1.20
   1 Binding Chain @ .25 , 1 Fourlock @.121/2        $   0.37 1/2
   1 Seine and Boat                                  $  64.00
   1 Seine and Boat                                  $  36.00
   13 Nets @2.00, 7 Net Movers@.40                   $  28.80
   3 Whaler Sails @.75                               $   2.25
   1 lot of Net Corks@10, 1 lot of Paint Cans @.25   $   0.35
   1 lot of Seine Lead @ .60, 2 Blocks @.121/2       $   0.65
   1 lot of Branding Irons                           $   0.50
   1 Fishing Troll @1.50, 2 Copper Axes @.10         $   1.70
   3 Buckets @.05, 1 Pitch Pot @.20                  $   0.35
   1 Falging ? Iron @.10, 1 Hand Wagon @.1.00        $   1.10
   1 Bark Kettle @ 2.50, 1 Barking Tub @.50          $   3.00
   4 Flax Brakes @.10, 1 Boat @1.00                  $   1.40
   1 Boat @1.50, 1 Boat @3.00                        $   4.50
   1 Stove @2.00, 1 Stove @1.50, 1 Stove @1.00       $   4.50
   1 Loom and Quilt Wheel                            $   4.00
   1 Bed Stead @.25, 1 Bed Stead @.50                $   0.75
   1 Bed Stead @.50, 1 Chest @.50                    $   1.00
   1 Chest @.50, 1/2 Dog. Chairs @1.00               $   1.50
   1 Arm Chair @.30, 1/2 doz. Chairs                 $   0.60
   1 Sofa @.50, 1 Tea Board .05                      $   0.55
   1 Table .10, 1 Lamp .30                           $   0.40
   1 pkg. Glasses .30, 1 Table .50                   $   0.70
   3 Benches @.05, 1 Chest .30,                      $   0.45
   1 Writing Desk 1.00, 1 lot of Books 1.00,         $   2.00
   5 Pots @.30, 2 Kettles @.30                       $   2.10
   1 Lot of Dishes                                   $   4.00
   1 pair of Candlesticka @ 121/5                    $   4.25
   1 Pair of Tongs .10, 1 Shovel .10,                $   0.20
   6 Tubs @.10, 1 Grindstone .30                     $   0.90
   1 Butter Churn .121/2 plus 
   1 lot of Forks and Knives .45,                    $   0.47 1/2
   2 Jars @.20                                       $   0.40
   1 doz. Pigeons?                                   $   0.25
   Schooner James Henry                              $ 300.00
   1 Spiller ?                                       $  14.50
   1 lot of Dip Nets                                 $  14.50
   1 pair Scales .75, 1 Salt Shovel .50,             $   1.25
   6 Cod Lines @.25, 1 Boat 2.00                     $   3.50
   111 Puncheons @.20                                $  23.20
   5 Wash Tubs @.10, [1 Bark Kettle 1.50             $   2.00
   1 Table                                           $   0.25

   Total              $4543.50 1/2

            John Meisner, James  x Roast, appraisers.
   We hereby Certify the foregoing papers writing to a [??] of our
proceedings relative to the Estate of the late Henry Boutilier of
Bayswater in the County of Lunenburg, Yoeman, deceased James A. Boutilier
            Henry Boutilier Executors.
Inventory Re Estate of Henry Boutilier, deceased. Filed March 4 th. 1870.
Nova Scotia, County of Lunenburg, LL.

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